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Populate a field when note is created



We would like to create a field that is populated with the date of last note created. We actually thought it would be easy to do via workflows, but they don't include notes...


The thing is - we want to filter the companies by last note added. We didn't find a way to do this with filter selection, just because the note property isn't there. We wanted to make a new field called 'Last note' and populate it with a date whenever a note is added to company profile. Unfortunately, as it turns out we're not able to make it happen either


Would anyone be willing to help? maybe some kind of workaround?

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Populate a field when note is created

Hi @SylwiaG,


This is not possible at the moment in HubSpot.


But we can suggest this to HubSpot to include this feature in future versions.



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Hall of Famer | Partner

Populate a field when note is created

Hi @SylwiaG,


Notes can be referenced in workflows via activity property filters, however, they don't support re-enrollment. After a first note, the workflow would simply not update the date property anymore. Out of the box (without custom code), this is currently not possible, unfortunately.


Could you elaborate what you need the note date for? Maybe there are other ways to approach this.


Best regards!

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