People who have opened emails that contain "X" in the email title


For our marketing emails we use a title naming convention to identify what line of business the email belongs to. To simplify:

"ABC-2021 Tradeshow" vs.

"XYZ 2021 Fall Webinar" 


I would like to sort people by "Those who have opened emails that contain "ABC" in the title." And we even like to add a date range.  The goal is to use this info for segmenting. 


I've found ways to sort people by who opened specific emails, number of emails, and date range. Not with "contains."  Is there a workaround?


Thank you!

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Hi @TRichards,


This is unfortunately not possible. Other users have requested the same in the HubSpot Ideas section of the community: Additional "Contain any of" filters for Marketing email in List. The product team reviews these requests based on popularity, I'd recommend upvoting and commenting with your use case.

As far as workarounds go, there aren't any I know of. >ou would have to select all emails one by one: contact has opened email ABC 1 OR contact has opened email ABC 2 OR... – the obvious downside being that new emails have to be added manually as you go.


Hope this helps!

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