Pause Automated Lead Assignments for Specific Sales People


We are currently using a workflow that uses the Rotate Leads option to rotate new leads between our different sales folks. But even sales people take vacations, so I'm looking for a way to pause assignments to our sales folks who are out based on some data point they can self-select.


We use this in multiple workflows, and it's really not ideal to manually update the various workflows to include/exclude different sales folks. 


Hubspot support hasn't been able to suggest a workable solution thusfar. (They recommending adding the sales people as contacts with a custom contact property, but because they aren't the ones going through the workflow, their custom contact properties aren't datapoints I can use.)


If anyone has other ideas or other solutions that work for them, I'd love to hear them!

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HubSpot Product Team

We currently don't have this implemented within our software, however I can see why this would be a great addition. I'll find the link to the submitted feature request and post a link here for others to vote/comment on.