Negative points for change of life cycle status

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Hello All,


I want to create a workflow that assigns negative points if a customer's life cycle moves back, basically just from MQL back to Subscriber. This would happen whenever our internal team vets an MQL and finds that they do not qualify to be SQLs.

Our internal team will be making the change in Salesforce, which syncs with HubSpot, but I have to clear the existing lifecycle stage for it to go back. 

Any ideas?


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I would set a status field to sync between SF and Hubspot.  So if the rep marks the lead as disqualified you create a workflow in hubspot to look for anyone who is a MQL lifecycle stage, with a status of disqualified and pull them into your workflow to set the lifecycle stage back to subscriber.  You could just set a negative scoring attribute on the property itself to subtract from the score if the lifecycle stage is equal to subscriber.