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Hi there HubSpotters Robot Happy


Is there any way to pull all merged contacts in a list?

If not, I think we need this option. Why? We have more than 500 active users in HubSpot, all of them can merge contacts (user permissions don't help, unfortunately) and contact properties get data automatically for different integrations! Every time contacts are wrongly merged we experience issues! Would be great to pull merged contacts in a list and keep an eye on them/manage them.


Thanks for your help 

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Hi @RiccardoPisani


Great idea - sounds like merged contacts could be a big issue in an organisation the size of yours. 


I suggest you post this over in the ideas forum so that other users can vote on it. 


Thanks, Phil.

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies
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OK Phil, posting on ideas right now 😉