Make a contact list of Free Email Domains?

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I know Hubspot allows you to block free email domains on forms, but in an effort to clean junk contacts out of our database (we're at 51K contacts), I want to build a list of all free domain emails to remove them from our database.


I found a list of all the domains here:


When I create a list based on Contact>Email>Contains, and then paste all of the free domains in, Hubspot just sort of freezes on me, like it's too much information to process.


Is there a way to add Hubspot's existing list of free domains to build a contact list from as an easier way for Hubspot to process this filter?

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Hi @UnicornMarketer,


Are you using HubSpot's Free CRM only, or do you also have Hubspot Marketing?

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Hi Josh,


Does it make any difference in this case?

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Yes. I second this request.

There should be an out of the box list of contacts whose email domain is one of the ones listed on this page -

It could be put to many uses. And HubSpot customers won't have to worry about maintaining or updating it. It will be automatically updated everytime HubSpot made a change.


An alternative would be to have a calculated out of the box contact property that is a "yes/no" field. If the contacts email domain is from the email domains to block list the value of that contact property is "yes" (may be the property is called - "Email domain is part of universal block list"

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Has anyone found a fix for this? For some of our workflows, we would like to filter out free emails.

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Hi! Did you ever get a response on this?

Please let me know!

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Hi, we're also looking for a response to this. 


We'd like to setup an enrollment trigger of filling out a specific form, then using an If/then branch to treat the list of free email providers differently for our MQL process. 

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Hey, I came across this because I'm having a similar problem with a large database. Does anyone know the answer to this problem?

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Yes, this needs to be an out-of-the-box list or setting we can use in making lists.

We need more upvotes to get this more attention!

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I would like to see this as an automated list managed by HubSpot. It would make our lead automation process so much easier

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Agree - would like to see a Workflow option to evaluate based on this, and for Lead Scoring so that those with a free domain can be given a negative value.

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+1 on this.

A potentially easy workaround for this could be the contact property Email domain.

However, it's not actually practical because it's not possible to just paste a list of domains in there (doing so will result in Hubspot interpreting the entire list as one domain, which is ridiculous).

Instead, you need to add each domain and then hit enter before entering the next domain—super time-consuming and cumbersome UX :/

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Hi @UnicornMarketer : I completely agree with you that this should be a HubSpot built in list that auto updates. But till that happes, you can build your own active list to solve this issue.  

<I checked and It works for both free CRM and HubSpot marketing >

Go to list and select Active list. Use the condition: Email Domain Contains: < List of all the free domains> ( Thanks to @DrewLatimer  for helping with validating this list ) 

@Ramin You dont have to type in every single free email domain. It's impossible becasue there are 4746 domains on that list. Here is my solution for that. 
1. Copy the free domains from this list into an Excel file
2. Use the formula  [ =A1&";" ]  in a diffrent column to add semicolon to the names of the free domains. 
3. Go through the list to delete any blank rows and clean your data ( it works, and doesnt freeze, but it may take a couple of minutes to process) 
4. Copy the column with semicolon and paste them into the list filter. 

Your list should work. 

If you want I can paste the values here too, let me know. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 12.33.06 PM.png


Hope this helps

Thank you.


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