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Looking for testers for AI-powered HubSpot app

Hi all:  for HubSpot users with many thousands of prospects in their system, it can be hard to glean insights from all this data: Which leads to prioritize? Which campaigns and events are effective? Which prospects should I reach out to, before they are even in HubSpot? And so on.


Many marketers rely on manual point-based scoring systems these can be inaccurate and hard to maintain, leading to lost leads and wasted efforts.


We think there is an opportunity for AI to help here, and my startup has built an AI-powered app for HubSpot. Sign up takes just a few minutes, and we have a free tier, as well as a first-month-free for all priced tiers. If any HubSpot users want to take it for a spin, let me know by replying here, or DM me with your contact info. You must have at least 1000 prospects (companies) in HubSpot, and a year of history. We are especially interested in HubSpot Professional/Enterprise users, who have sufficient volume of data.

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