Live Now: Export an Individual Workflow as an Image

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It is now possible to export any workflow in HubSpot as an image. Some readers may be thinking why this news is beneficial, others will be jumping for joy I'm sure. Well, there are a couple of key-value points that this new functionality can provide:


 - Workflows can get complex. Exporting your workflow as an image can help you communicate how it'll enable a process.

- Allowing people within the company who aren't users in HubSpot review and understand a workflow.

- Pitching a new workflow idea to your team or management.


In my opinion, being able to show a visual representation of the workflow itself will overall make it easier for other people to understand and help you get the buy-in you need to improve your processes faster.


How does it work?

In the workflows editor, open the "More" menu in the upper right. Select "Export." Confirm your export in the pop up modal, and the workflow will download as an image onto your computer.




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