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I have a list of contacts who would like to receive e-mails about our offerings. Some contacts on that list are on our general newsletter list, but some are not and should only receive the offerings e-mails. How can I ensure that contacts who are on both lists receive both types of e-mails, and the contacts who are only on the offerings list receive only those e-mails? For the newsletter e-mails, if a contact is on both lists, and I send to the newsletter list and add the offerings list in the "don't send to" field, how can I make sure that the members of both lists receive the newsletter e-mail, but members of only the offerings list do not receive the newsletter e-mail?


I don't want to turn the offerings list into a subscription type because I don't want all of our contacts to see the list as an option to subscribe to. Ideally the offerings e-mails could be a private subscription type only visible those subscribers, but I don't believe that's possible.

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Hi @michelleGFN, creating an exclusion list and setting it up as "Don't send to" should ensure those contacts don't receive the email. 


I suggest trying combining lists, with some filters like this:

1. Newsletter (true) + Offers (true) 

2. Newsletter (true) + Offers (false)

3. Newsletter (false) + Offers (true)


Hope it helps!

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If I understand what you're trying to accomplish, correctly.  What about creating a 2 contact properties; one for newsletter and the other for offerings. Then create an active list for each contact property and send the respective email to the appropriate list.



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We've created a series of Communication Preference pages that we use for the footers in our emails that link to a page with the opt ins specific to that audience. Examples:

General -

FTC Competition Specific -

(We do use site specific vanity URLs that are user friendly instead of the URLs I'm showing here in the plain text.)


But I'm not sure I understand part of your question. If the contacts are on both lists, then it seems you would send your Newsletter to the newsletter list, and the offerings to the offerings list. If you have times when you have the same content in both emails, and you only want them to receive one or the other (if they're on both lists), that's when you would use the "don't send to" option.