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Hi guys,


I am using the Sales Free Tool. And I realized that all the contacts in email will be synced to the HubSpot database. Because the case is like, I just want to save one person's contact in Hubspot, but if my client copies his colleagues in the email, Hubspot will automatically sync all the contacts.


On the other side, if I un-click the "Log to CRM" button in email, infomation in emails will not be synced to HubSpot.


I just wonder if there's any method to only save the most important customers in the database without un-clicking the "Log to CRM" button by using workflow?


Many thanks!!! 

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @nataliekam3  The CRM is designed to keep track of 1:1 conversations, and doesn't work well with CC:ed messages. At this time all contacts CC:ed on a message will be created in the CRM. This may change with a future update, but is not possible now. 




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