Lifecycle Stages and Recycling


Hi Everyone!


I'm trying to set up a clean lead recycling process.


For this, I'm moving all unqualified or unresponsive leads to "Other" with a lead status of "Other" or "Unqualified".


I want them to only become MQLs again when they get to a certain score (much higher than the first time around).


My current thought process is:

- Set up the original MQL workflow so that "If lifecycle stage has never been Marketing qualified lead AND lead score is greater or equal to 100 points, THEN set lifecycle stage to marketing qualified"

- set up a workflow that clears the lifecycle and set it back to Subscriber when a lead is: "Lifecycle stage = Other" AND {"Lead status=Unqualifed" OR "lead status=Unresponsive"}

- Set up a third workflow that takes any lead that is more than 250 points and sets them to marketing qualified lead.

The question is: does Hubspot "remembers" that the lead was once marketing qualified? Or does clearing the lifecycle stage erase that?

Any insights appreciated!

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Hi @00697 


Thank you for reaching out. 


So I took the time to test that on my portal, manually setting the lifecycle stage of a contact to MQL to then Other to then back to nothing. Then, I also tested clearing the property Lifecycle Stage via a workflow. 


Then, I created a list and I can confirm that using the "Has ever been MQL" as a filter - my contact was showing up in that list. If you try it on your end you should get the same result. 


If I understand correctly, this is not what you would like? 


I also want to tag some of our experts in case they have some thoughts here - @Ian_Matt @Bryantworks @Dan1 do you have any thoughts for @00697 on this? 


Thank you!



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Hi @00697 ,


There is a filter called "Has ever been" that will capture the historical data


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