Lead flow popup colour are hardcoded to grey - can I change it to suit my color scheme?

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As the topic suggests, when creating a lead flow the colours appear to be hardcoded to grey - can I change it to suit my colour scheme?

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Hi @fredfree thanks for your post. You can absolutely change the color of your lead flows! I would recommend checking out this article ( How do I create a lead flow?), specifically the piece included below:


The callout (or call-to-action) is an opportunity to grab your visitor's attention with a brief description of what you're offering. In the Callout step, you can customize the following:

  1. Callout text: this will serve as the main header when the lead flow appears on your webpage.
  2. Callout button textThis is the text that will appear on the signup button on your lead flow.
  3. Theme color: Set the theme color, which will be included throughout the lead flow. You can click on one of the default color bubbles provided. You can select a custom color by clicking on the color bubble next to the hex value and selecting a color from the gradient or typing in a custom hex value.

I have the same issue, using the Email Subsribtion, Slide-in Box option.

All in fact have the 'Grey' colour on the form. With no option to play with this.

I have seen some examples on other websites. And they seem to have more customization.

Is this because you can only customize on the purchased versions, and not the free option.


If I want to move to the paid version, I first need to know if this can display the way I want.

My issue is not so much the 'Grey' body. But that the white text area below my Email submission, is missing. Or rather, it is the same colour as the body.

You can type your email. But you cannot see the white text area to indicate where you should submit this.


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Hi @angryviking I'm not exactly sure what customization you're looking for here. The article posted in my post above should outline whats possible, but if you could upload any screenshots or examples that might help to describe what you're looking for that would be great! 

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I'm having the same issue. The area where the visitor should enter their emailadres is grey (as is the body) Changes the theme color doesn't fix this. Can we get an update on this issue, it should be a minor fix.

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How do I change the color of the Callout and Subscribe button.  I set my theme color to grey but the Callout button is hard coded to black and the subscribe button is grey.  How do I customize the color to that of my brand.  Very important to be able to do this.  

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I wish we could change the Text Color, Background Color, and Button Color independently on Lead Flows.


We're limited to one color customization, Theme.

If we change the theme to White, then our button is Black; and when they go to fill out the form, the button changes to White to match the Theme.


More control over these colors would be very nice. 

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Chandler, Rich, and angryviking are right: you can only change the theme, which automatically selects the button color. It only makes sense to be able to change the button color, which you can do throughout the rest of HubSpot with ease (and have been able to for years). I'm not sure why HubSpot would not include this in their first roll out or primary updates to the Lead Flow tool.