Lead Scoring based on SFDC Campaign Member Statuses

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Hi everyone,


I am currently trying to work out an issue as to how I would assign different HubSpot scores based on a campaign member status in SFDC. The most common use case would be giving someone a different set of points for being in a webinar SFDC campaign as Attended vs. Regsitered/No-Show.

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Hi @wpenfield 


Assuming you are using the native HubSpot connector or something similar, this is a difficult requirement to achieve because campaigns are objects that HubSpot can not see.


In order to use SFDC campaign information in HubSpot, you somehow need to flatten it down on to an object/property that can be seen by HubSpot. This can also be tricky when working with many-to-one relationships such as campaigns to contacts.


I've not fully validated this idea, but perhaps you could use lead scoring in SFDC to assign contacts a score, and then sync that score to a custom HubSpot property to be used in workflows etc? If you have HS enterprise, you could even use that score with others in a calculated property to perhaps aggregate it with other scores assigned in HubSpot. 


Hope this helps.

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