Lead Scoring: Heavy Website Usage - Not specific pages


I want to a add a Positive Attribute that scores based on heavy website usage over a specific period of time (e.g. 5 pages over 2 weeks or 10 pages over 30 days). However, I'd prefer to not have to add each website URL one at a time. 


Similarly, I'd like to add a Positive Attribute that scores based on clicking an link within any of my nurture campaigns, however, there are dozens of emails and I'd rather not enter each one as a seperate attribute. 


Any recommendations on how best to accomplish this?

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Hi @jameswindrow, we use both the emails_clicked and number_of_visits properties on the Contact record to lead score, but they are not time based.  So a very simple way would just be to score for emails_clicked greater than zero.  We then add additional points for emails_clicked >3, >5, etc.  


For the number_of_visits or number_of_pageviews property there is no way to set a duration (like 5 pages over 2 weeks), but I will follow this thread to see if anyone has bright ideas!