Is there a way to export the history of a workflow?

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I am getting delivery errors for emails in my workflow and want to try to troubleshoot. I believe it is an error on my server end. Being able to export the history of a workflow will help me identify which ones are going through and which ones are bouncing. It is challenging to review the data in HubSpot.

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Hi @joleary


Its not possible to export the history of a workflow currently. 


Would it help to build a list of contacts who have been enrolled in the workflow and have been sent the email in question? You could then export that list. 


Does that help?

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies
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Thanks. But, I'm looking specifically for those that had errors and info about the error. I poked around and couldn't find anything and thought I'd ask the community in case I missed something.

I appreciate you help.

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I also need to be able to export workflow history as well, specifically when a contact completes a workflow (date and time stamp). Here's why:


I am trying to create a monthly report for lead scoring performance, showing which contacts have surpassed our lead scoring threshold and when. When contacts surpass our threshold, they are enrolled in a workflow that triggers an internal notification. Looking at the workflow history tells me when contacts were enrolled/completed the workflow but doesn't allow me to export this aggregate information in a spreadsheet. The end result is that I cannot report to my management team how many marketing qualified leads we are generating in any given month. Even if I were to create a static list that adds a contact every time they complete the workflow, the 'lists' functionality in Hubspot does not provide a way to report on when the contact was actually added to the list.

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This would be extremely helpful to me. I need to be able to look at the behavior of customers in my CRM based on their performance in a workflow. Currently I can't do that.

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It would be great to be able to export this history. Lists don't allow contacts to be added more than once, so it makes it impossible to track behaviour for that contact over time.

For example, I want to be able to see every form a contact has submitted.  They can be enrolled in the workflow to track this, but I can't get this contact on a list every time they submit.  If I could export the history of the workflow, that would help to solve this.

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Definitely a necessary thing.


I am trying to get information on errors or success in our webhooks wihtout having to go to "history" and looking it up manually.



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This would be very heplful. I, too, need to do some troubleshooting, but there's no easy way to export. While I appreciate the suggested workaround to build a list and export that, it won't give me all of the information I need.