Include "Has read email" and "Is a top engaged contact of email" to "Marketing Email Activity"

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Hi everyone,

Does anybody else wish you could use the "Has read an email" (contact has viewed for more than 8 seconds) or "Is a top engaged contact of email" (contact has opened email multiple times) as a form of "Marketing email activity" in smart list creation? 


I appreciate the current options for "Marketing email activity" in smart list creation, which let you create lists that retarget customers who have "opened" an email or "clicked" a particular link in an email.


But I would really like to be able to retarget customers who have demonstrated other forms of high-engagement, such as having "read" the email (viewed for more than 8 seconds) or opened the email enough times (sometimes 10+ times per email!) to be considered as a"top engaged" contact.


Basically, I think it's awesome that Hubspot can generate this information, but I don't understand why we can't use this valuable data in smart list creation.  My main point is: What's the point of knowing who's read your email for more than 8 seconds or opened it multiple times if you can't use this information to retarget them? 


Upvote if you agree and would like to see this feature developed! Thanks, y'all. 


Nikki Fisher

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Oops. I meant to post this to the "ideas" section Smiley Happy Trying to figure out how to delete it now, but you can upvote it there!

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Hi Nikki,

I have just "Upvoted" your comment on the other link you sent. Spot on. 

This is something we have just asked Hubspot for as well. These metrics offer great marketing insight and we wish we could use it for Marketing follow-ups. 

Also, we are asking whether there could be an added piece of information here. We have clients with 30+ opens of individual emails. We have a feeling this is when they forward the email to other people (internally ? externally?) as opposed to opening it numerous times. Is there a way to capture this difference as they clearly don't mean the same type of engagement ?

Regards. Lucile.

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Thanks, Lucille! I had this question about "Top Engaged Contacts," too. I was skeptical of this number and wondered if it could be either forwarded content, OR simply that this email was top of their inbox, so every time they returned to their email provider, the content refreshed. I'm not sure if this is likely in Gmail, but it happens to me all the time in Outlook, which our organization uses. I'd really appreciate more clarification from the Hubspot team on what factors could influence this "Top Engaged Contact" metric!