If/then branch as enrollment trigger?


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Due to a mistake I made earlier in a first workflow, I need to create a second workflow that starts with an if/then branch. However I can't seem to find any information as t how you set an if/then branch as an enrollment trigger? 


Anyone has any idea if that is even possible? I'd love to go a little more into detail, but i'm clueless what enrollment trigger should be used if the 'if/then' branch is not possible. 


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Hi @Certinifo 

It is not possible to use an if/then branch as enrollment trigger for a workflow, but you can combine multiple enrollment criteria using AND / OR logic and then use an if/then branch to check which contacts meet your initial criteria and send them down different branches.  Alternatively, you can use an "Enroll in another workflow" action at the end of your existing workflow to enroll contacts in your new workflow (which would then not require enrollment criteria.)

Hopefully, this helps, but if not, give us a few more details on which contacts need to be enrolled in your new workflow and what you want the workflow to do.

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Helped a lot indeed. 


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