HubSpot Marketing integration to SalesForce CRM


Hope someone can help and/or guide us in a direction. We are using HubSpot for our marketing activities. And SalesForce for SAles and CRM activities.


In SalesForce we are using Lead Queues for our various territories e.g.
Inbound Leads Germany

Inbound Leads France

Inbound Leads Denmark


And so on...


We have set up the Hubspot/SalesForce integration and contacts are flowing between the systems, so integration works well...But!


We want a setup that ensures that when e.g. a Lead fills out a form on our german site, the Lead is automatically synced to the "Inbound Leads Germany" queue...


I have been told that this can be done in two ways...Either through Lead rules in SalesForce or through workflows in HubSpot? Can anyone confirm/refute this or maybe even telling us how this can be done if there is a third and correct way?

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Hi @Anders_Laybourn ,


Thanks for reaching out to the HubSpot Community.

I wanted to tag in some subejct matter experts here: @trevorjones71 and @Simplii , would you mind sharing your advice for @Anders_Laybourn ?

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Hello @Anders_Laybourn and thanks for the tag @natsumimori!


In HubSpot, I would create a Smart List in the lists tool for each of these categories.  You shouldn't need a workflow to do the segmentation itself.  Workflows would be applied to perform automated marketing actions on the members of the smart list.


Regardless of how your list is segmented in HubSpot, you're still going to need a method to segment the leads for your sales team in SFDC, and as you indicate, Lead Assignment Rules are a good method for achieveing that.  You could build those assignment rules based upon a number differnet methods, one of which would be to create a field in SFDC for First Conversion and sync that to the HubSpot field of the same name.  If the first conversion is associated with the German site, you should be able to create a rule that uses that information to assign it to your German team.


You Could create more sophisticated segmentation rules in HubSpot and use a workflow to populate a custom field for the Lead Queue in HubSpot that could then by synced to SFDC.  I would still start with a smart list, then use a workflow to update the custom property for the Lead Queue, sync that to SFDC and then create Assignment Rules based upon that field in SFDC.  This would be most useful if, for example, you often have the same lead reaching out to you from multiple websites and you need to use other criteria (like the IP address location) for segmentation.


Hope this helps!




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