How to set time (not date) filters for marketing email opens, clicks, etc.


Objective: set lead scoring based on contact activity within past XX days.


Example: Contact lead score increases by 10 for each marketing email opened. But, some contacts haven't opened an email in 6+ months. Don't want them to have the same score as contacts who are engaging more recently. 


Customer Success suggested a workflow that would track activity for a set period of time, but the score resets to zero at the end of the workflow period. So, if contact opened three emails last week, but the workflow period ends tomorrow, their score will reset to zero.


Looking for a way to track activity and apply score for a rolling time period.




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Hi @BWelker 


Thank you for reaching out.


This is not possible at this stage with HubSpot, however I can see how it could be useful for you and other users so I'd really recommend posting an Idea in our Ideas Forum regarding this. That way other users can upvote it; and the Product Team regularly monitors the Forum


I also want to tag some of our experts on this in case they can think of a workaround here - @Mike_Eastwood @Aakar do you have any thoughts for @BWelker on this? 


Thank you!



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Hi @BWelker 


Maybe as a workaround, you can set up an active list with the following filters:


  • Marketing emails opened #number of times
  • Last marketing email open date was less than 6 months

    Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 5.56.41 PM.png

And then use this list in lead scoring. If HubSpot does not increase 10 points for each email open, maybe you can create multiple lists with a different lead score. For example: 1 open = 10 points. 2 opens = 20 points. 3 opens = 30 points. Basically, you need to create multiple lists and use them in the lead score.


Thanks @TiphaineCuisset for the tag.




Aakar Anil
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