How to make sure that forms submissions or subscriber list imports don´t modify the CRM contacts

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We have thousands of contacts in the crm which are quality checked, optimized etc. i.e. are of high data quality. Now, we are asking us how we can make sure that form submissions or subscriber list imports don´t pester our well maintained core contact data.


Any idea?


It´d be really bad if all of a sudden, a correct contact is turned into a bad one by e.g. importing a subscriber list. (e.g. the email address is a match but the contact called himself "Goofy" or was lazy and typed A. instead of Arne which would overwrite the correct first or last name.

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Hi @Arne - Having come from an alternative solution in the past I am surprised this feature does not exist within the import process. I just tried to create a sample upload and I think what you are asking for is a reasonable feature.


I went ahead and created an idea. Please upvote this and share it with your Hubspot account team to see what we can do to push this idea in front of development as a new feature. 

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Due to this baked-in HubSpot functionality, we work around it by using a secondary 'First Name (from form)' contact property. Then we use a workflow to update the actual HubSpot Contact.firstname only if/when it's blank. That way, we have both in the CRM ...
-1- Our quality checked CRM data.
-2- Whatever crazy/lazy name they use on the form.

This workaround also helps prevent data destruction caused by input from HubSpot chatbots which directly update the CRM. UGG


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