How to dynamically and automatically update content in workflows ?



My content team is creating a LOT of downloadable content in several languages. How do I keep my workflows up-to-date without having to manually change the resources one by one ?


Do you know any way to automatically update a piece of content in a worflow ?


For example : a new white paper on a specific industry is published in english and spanish. Do I need to manually update the email in each workflow, or do you know of a way to automatically offer this new resource for download ?


Thanks for the help and ideas 😊

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Hi @SimonDEBRITO ,

Unfortunately changing the content of an email directly automatically through a workflow is not possible. Smart rules are also of no help in this scenario


But when someone says about content we would suggest keeping the content as blogs.

The maximum I can think of regarding updating your recipients with the new content is the blog RSS emails but for that recipients need to be the subscribers of your blogs and there they can get the new emails regarding the updates.

Hope this helps!
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