How to create a list of contacts who have not been contacted/email ?

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I want to create an Active list with the following criteria: 

1) It should include all contacts who are not contacted by me yet or have not received any marketing email or I have not logged any email, call or meeting activity from CRM. 


My objective is whenever my lead research executive adds new leads and assign to me I want to send an Introductory email to all such contacts. 

Once I send email to those contacts they should not be part of this list as they are not full filling criteria. 

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This sounds easy enough to setup.  Are you running into any issues when setting the list up?


If you wanted to automate this you likely could as well.  Just have a automation workflow setup where the entry, or re-entry, is a contact being assigned to you.  Then have that trigger an introduction.  If you did this, you wouldn't necessarily need a list for a contact to be added/removed from.

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Thank you Ben, 


I am using the free version of CRM. 


I don't want to send emails automatically but just want to separate out contacts which have not received any email. 



Thank you