How to check for duplicates?


I know that Hubspot usually recognizes the domain in an email and can in some instances match it to existing companies in the CRM. However, I ran into a situation today in which a person from "company A" submitted a lead form on our site and we already had a company/deal/other contact record from somebody else, but a duplicate was still created. The main problem is we have a Round Robin in place and the "new" lead got assigned to another sales rep, but the older record already belonged to someone else. 


Any ideas as to why this could have happened and if there's a way to create a worflow that automatically checks these things? 


The domain we had was something like "" and the new contact had an email that didn't have an .mx at the end. That's the only difference that I could find. 


Is there any way to have hubspot check the domain of a new contact submission to see if there are any other contacts in the CRM that have a similar domain and have associated companies/deals? (I'm thinking something that checks if the domain of an existing contact "contains" X information vs. "equals"... is that possible)?

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