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How do I exclude form unsubscribes in a dynamic list

We collect the registrations of events via a form in a dynamic list. How can we remove people who have unsubscribed via email or telephone from this list, since you cannot delete form submissions? Help? 🙂


Sorry I see this is not the correct place for this message. Dont know how to change the place.

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How do I exclude form unsubscribes in a dynamic list

Thank you for the mention @MiaSrebrnjak


Hi @EvanderZwan


I believe this property "unsubscribed from all email" will be marked true for anyone who unsubscribes via email or phone. HubSpot automatically marks this true if someone opts to unsubscribe from all of your email, but in case of phone, you need to make sure that the phone attendant must mark this property true for that particular contact. Once you are set with this, you can add the following condition to your Active List in "AND" with all of the existing conditions:



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How do I exclude form unsubscribes in a dynamic list

Hi @EvanderZwan,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! No worries, I'll move your post to our Marketing Hub forum to make sure it gets seen by the right experts!  


Hi @StjepanGrcic@AdityaBansal@GeorgeBThomas, do you have any tips for @EvanderZwan? Thank you!


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