How do I exclude a contact from an active list?

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While it is not possible to manually remove a contact from an active list, you can use the following workarounds to use list logic to exclude the contact(s) from the list criteria.


1. Create a custom contact property and change the list criteria to exclude that property:

  • Create a custom contact property.
  • Give the contact(s) a value for the custom property.
  • Add the following criteria to your active list: Contact Property | name of custom property is unknown.
  • Any contacts with a value for the custom property will be removed from the active list.

2. Exclude specific contacts based on email address:


Edit your active list and add the following criteria as an AND conditionContact Property | Email | is not equal to | email address of contact you want to exclude from the list.


If there are multiple contacts you'd like to exclude from your active list:

  • Create a .csv file in Excel including the email addresses of the contacts to be removed from your smart list.
  • Import the list into HubSpot.
  • Add the following criteria as an AND condition to your active list: List Membership | Contact | is not a member of | name of your imported list.
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Thanks for sharing @lkoh!

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How long does it take for this rule to remove the contact from the smart list?  I added the contact's email address to the list criteria for exclusion and saved the change, but he's still showing up on the list.

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Hi, did this ever work for you? I'm testing it with an Active List (event invitation) and it doesn't appear to be working. Any insight you have from this is greatly appreciated.


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@lkoh & @roisinkirby have you actually tested the second workaround (email address) ? I've edited my list but the contact I'm trying to exclude is still there, as @InboundConitex said. I can't remove this contact from our CRM but I also don't want any marketing emails to be sent to him. Thanks

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It would be much easier and less complex from the user side to have the ability to add/remove list membership, much like the CURRENT ability add/remove subscriptions for individual contacts, both one-by-one and in bulk. Not sure why Hubspot continues to make list enrollment/management complicated...