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How do I exclude a contact from an active list?

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While it is not possible to manually remove a contact from an active list, you can use the following workarounds to use list logic to exclude the contact(s) from the list criteria.


1. Create a custom contact property and change the list criteria to exclude that property:

  • Create a custom contact property.
  • Give the contact(s) a value for the custom property.
  • Add the following criteria to your active list: Contact Property | name of custom property is unknown.
  • Any contacts with a value for the custom property will be removed from the active list.

2. Exclude specific contacts based on email address:


Edit your active list and add the following criteria as an AND conditionContact Property | Email | is not equal to | email address of contact you want to exclude from the list.


If there are multiple contacts you'd like to exclude from your active list:

  • Create a .csv file in Excel including the email addresses of the contacts to be removed from your smart list.
  • Import the list into HubSpot.
  • Add the following criteria as an AND condition to your active list: List Membership | Contact | is not a member of | name of your imported list.
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