How do I create an Event Landing page to manage RSVPs?


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I'd like to create an Event landing page to manage RSVPs for a variety of our companies events. We currently use Splashthat, but the contact details aren't captured in Hubspot, so we enter them manually by importing lists. 


It seems to me that we could save some time and adhere to GDPR guidelines with event attendees registering directly for events within Hubspot. Have any of you used Hubspot for this use case? 

Also, is there a way to integrate an 'Add to Calendar' option, so the event time is blocked in the contact's diary?

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I just did a quick search to find out more about Splashthat as my initial thought for recommendation was to consider an API integration to rid yourself of the manual process. But in my search I found that Splashthat appears to have a native Hubspot integration.  Have you considered using that for your business?  Even if it is an additional charge, it would probably be better going to an integration route as opposed to registering in Hubspot only and potentially opening up a reverse manual process from what you have today.

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I'm not too familiar with Splashthat. I'm also not familiar how comprehensive their API is with Hubspot but in most cases of lead capture integrations, they're usually just limited to pushing contact information onto Hubspot which for me and my organization is quite limited. Mainly cause relying on integrations upon lead capture restricts the capability of Hubspot to use cookie tokens to track unique users with multiple sessions and returning visitors, which if the feature is useful for you is a big drawback.


I would suggest using a combination of installing Hubspot's tracking code and using a Hubspot form as raw HTML. I haven't used Splashthat but I have used Unbounce previously which is also a landing page builder tool and has a native integration with Hubspot. In most cases with tools like this there's often a space where you can drop embed codes, and add codes to headers and footers. There you can drop Hubspot's tracking code and you can embed the Hubspot form as a raw HTML. Please see resources below:


  1. Hubspot tracking code -
  2. Form styling -