How are Tracking Capabilities for Contacts Disrupted when they Clear Cache?


When a contact that is entered into your database clears their cache, how is Hubspot's ability to track their behavior disrupted, and what steps must be taken to rectify the situation?  Also, is there a method to identify which contacts may have cleared their cache?  Thanks in advance for your advice!

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Hi @nbanalytics,


When someone clears their cache and cookies, it is an action taken from within their browser. There is no way to be notified that the visitor has done so from within HubSpot; however, depending on the HubSpot subscription you have you could create a workflow to notify you when a visitor has not visited your site recently. 


In order to reassociate a contact with a cookie, they will need to either fill out a form on a page with HubSpot's tracking code, or click a link in a HubSpot marketing email that leads to a HubSpot hosted page. 


For more information on HubSpot cookies, click here.


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