How Trigger or Enroll in Workflow with Form on External Site


I would like to embed an instance of a form + a specific page in an external wordpress site, and then trigger a specific workflow based on the referring page, rather than the form itelf. This would prevent me from creating multiple instances of the same form. Any ideas about how to do this? In the workflow parameters, the criteria seems to be limited to "form instance" from select "hubspot" page. 


Anyone have a workaround?

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Hmm, perhaps have the enrollment criteria be smart list based. That smart list can have the logic has filled out Form A and viewed Page X or even clicked on a CTA that referred to the form. 


Having the same issue.  Since Hubspot doesn't let you select the "On This Page" option unless it's a created landing page in Hubspot, I guess I'll just clone the form, give it a new name, and then embed that on my WP site page instead of using the original form on multiple pages.