HOW TO: Using Zapier to calculate future date properties

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A HubSpot workflow is a powerful tool, but one thing that currently isn't possible is the ability to calculate a future date. Within the actions tool, we’re able to set a date property to a static date or the date of action. This isn’t useful if we need to set a date in the future. In this post, I’ll walk you through how we can use Zapier to help us achieve this. *Do note that this will require a paid version of Zapier


This is the main overview of the Zap that I’ve set up:

zap 1.png

My Zap trigger is a Deal Property Change in HubSpot, specifically a datepicker property called “Sign Up Date”. 


sign up date.png


The second step is the key thing here - you need to select a Date/Time Formatter step, and select the option to Add/Subtract Time in the Transform field. Select your trigger date property as the input, and provide the amount of time to add to that field (I’ve selected 14 days in my example). The To and From format is X, which will ensure that the datetime is formatted correctly for HubSpot’s datepicker properties. 



zapier formatter.png


The last action is to update the deal with the future date that’s been calculated. Select the calculated date as the option for your future date (“Reminder Date”, in my example). 



zapier 3.png


And that’s it! These steps can also be done for any contact or company property updates.


Hope this helps!


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Thanks for sharing @jenniferlim 🙂


Thank you for sharing this, Jennifer! 


One question: I'm trying to recreate this for a contact date property. I set the "Do this" step to "Update Contact in HubSpot." Under the "Customize Contact" drop-down, the "Object ID" is a required field.  I'm assuming I have select "Hs Object ID" from the available options, correct? 


Hi @mbinmasoud,


Yes, it is the HS Object ID. It is sometimes easier to work with the technical names in Zapier.


If you open the field properties for the contact id in the properties settings, you can also see the technical name (internal name):