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Here's the situation: when we originally put together our lead scoring logic, we thought we had it all figured out. But then some of our business needs changed, so I'm going to re-do the whole thing to make sure that high lead scores are held by leads that are good for our business. 



How can I force a mass recalculation of the Hubspot Score?


Also is there any way to account for recency of events? Two people with the score of 100 may actually qualify for completely different marketing emails because one earned the score 5 years ago, while the other one just earned the score from today.

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I'm not sure if "recalculation" is possible, you could wipe scores clean and start fresh but then you get rid of the historical data. 


As for the recency problem, you can build decay (with subtraction) into your models. So for example you could have "Became an SQL" as a qualifier and have it add 10 and then a corresponding rule for when a certain amount of time passes from the SQL Date to subtract it. The date properties plus the abilty to subtract points is powerful and I think what you're looking for. 

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Users @bradmin and @Daniel_Bleich helped someone with a similar problem last summer. 


The TLDR version is that you don't have to recalculate scores - once you change the rules, the scores will adjust automatically.


You can read the whole discussion here -