Execute Workflow to Timestamp Date Picker Field on Same Day As First Known


We have an integration that is incorrectly setting some date picker fields due to a timezone issue.  Between 4PM and Midnight, the integration sets TOMORROW for the date for an event that has occurred TODAY.


I am trying to implement a workaround to set the date back to the current date for these fields.


Current Flow:

Enrollment trigger = DATEFIELD is known.

Do next action at 1 day before DATEFIELD at 11:45PM  

(the date field has tomorrow's date, so this becomes the same day that the field was updated)

Set date stamp DATEFIELD

(Reverts DATEFIELD back to today as desired)


I am forced to set a date/time for the action.   Selecting 11:45PM is the latest I can select, and this works for all but cases that occur between 11:46PM and Midnight.  After 11:45PM, the workflow is triggered but no action is taken since the action time has passed.


Is there another way to do this?

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Community Manager

Hi @JoeM


When you say you're working with an integration, are you using an API to trigger the workflow or is the workflow beginning within HubSpot? Can you please share screenshots of what you are experiencing? 


If you can share a bit more context of what you are experiencing now, as well as what you would like to see in the future, that would be great! 


I also want to pull @HanMan and @rouk73 into the conversation in regards to any suggestions for working with workflows. 


Thank you,