Enroll on a workflow if Hubspot score has increased




I'd like to create a workflow enrolling contacts with the following conditions:

- Hubspot score was updated before property XXXX.

- Hubspot score has increased by XXXX before changing of lifecycle stage.


Is there any way to create this kind of workflows based on Hubspot score changes?

Many thanks for your help.

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Hi @NMacLean,


The first criterion can be set up via an active list. In active lists, you can set up a filter for "HubSpot Score was updated before property". After saving the list, you could use it in your enrollment criteria for the workflow.


The second one is, as far as I know, not possible. At least not without custom code, available in Operations Hub Professional or Enterprise.


Could you elaborate on why you're trying to set up your workflow like this?


My recommendation would be to step away from the score property and look at what constitutes the score (e.g. a form submission or a page view). You might as well enroll contacts that hit a certain score and whose Recent conversion was X,  whose Last page seen was Y, or whose Last marketing email click date was Z.


Hope this helps!

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