Document view/download as a Lead Scoring attribute?


I've been trying to figure out how to use a document view or download as a positive lead scoring attribute. This seems like an obvious one, but its not a choice when setting up the attributes. Anyone found a work-around for this? 



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Q: Document view/download as a Lead Scoring attribute?

Short A: Not directly.


Longer A

It's typically HubSpot best practice to build conversion paths using CTAs -> Landing Pages (LP) -> Thank You Pages (TYP) to deliver content. If you use this method, you can then isolate behavior associated with each of those elements.


Content Delivery Scenario

If you limit content delivery to specific TYPs, you know that all contacts who land on those TYPs are verified recipients of your content because there's literally no other way to find those pages which aren't navigable on your website or indexed by any search engines.



- You can trigger a Workflow if a contact completes a form and lands on the TYP that delivered a download.

- In your Workflow, you can increment a custom contact property to count how many downloads the contact requested.


Document View Scenario

We asked HubSpot about using the document view data from the Sales Pro tool, but never found direct access to that data. Maybe available via the API? Dunno.


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