Document Views A Part of Lead Scoring!




I think it baffles me that Hubspot is not able to merge the document views as a part of lead scoring. 


You are already tracking everything else numerically i.e Website session, marekting emails opend, etc (That could be a long list) 


The only that isn't able to be a tracked item in lead scoring is documents viewed. 


Clients and leads that open case studies, read statistical documents, view data that are in our pipeline or database is a HUGE deal towards whethere that lead is HOT or NOT.... 


I HIGHLY suggest putting in Documents Viewed as a lead scoring item within lead scoring. 


This is a huge part of the inbound methodology. 



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Hi @robmcg24


You make a sound point. The challenge, I think, is that documents (i.e. PDF files/downloads) do not contain the tracking code that allows HubSpot to capture the view and apply a measure or lead score to it. 


The way around this currently is to use custom Events, but this is a Marketing Hub Enterprise feature. 

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies



Thanks for sharing. 


However, Hubspot is already tracking the views. See the screenshot I have attached. (I am a PRO tier client of Hubspot)


If the views are already being tracked and measured, I think it could be a very simple fix to upload this measured field into lead scoring to be able to track. 


Open to your thoughts and feedback here Phil.




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Oh, you are referring to views of sales documents - that's different. I suggest you post the idea over in the ideas forum so that other users can vote on it if it is a feature they want to see developed. 

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies

Hello, I have exactly the same need here.  We use Sales Documents extensively throughout the sales funnel (e.g. fact-sheets, case studies, technical specifications) and whether or not leads click on these is a MAJOR identifier of a hot lead.  I currently can see who opened a document by navigating to each individual sales document.  So Hubspot is tracking views of the documents.  It is crazy that this cannot be leveraged to allocate Hubspot Score to the lead as it is such a major indicator of the lead's level of interest and engagement.