Dissolving a list that has been absorbed by another

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I consolidated a few lists. Am I able to dissolve the lists that were integrated? They're cluttering my Lists page and I would like to remove them, but don't appear to be able to...

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Hi @kateparamax,


That depends on how exactly you consolidated the lists.


Let's assume that you've created an active list: list C. This lists filters for contacts who are a member of list A and B. If you were to delete list A now, list C wouldn't have that reference of list A anymore. List C would now only contain contacts of list B.


If you want to be able to delete list A and B, you would have to replicate the criteria / filters of list A and B as list criteria in list C. (These criteria would have to be combined by OR, not AND).


For static lists the process is a little bit different. If list F is a static list and you want it to include all contacts from list D and list E, you would select all contacts from list D and E and add them to list F. Since list F is not referencing list D and E, you can safely delete these two lists now.


Hope this helps!

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