Disappointed that columns in Lists don't remain sticky!

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I have a list which periodically I will need to update DATE filters on but just found out today that the COLUMNS I've chosen will not remain "sticky" if I make changes and save OR if I change the name of the list. Really? It's the same list of people! I just wanted to update rather than rerun the entire list since I had made some markings on the exported file that I need to keep. So I had to make a list of the properties I used in my columns so that I can fix that each time I use this list. Kinda annoying and seems rather obvious to me...maybe I missed something?

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Hi @mbrackett,


Would it work if instead you used a filter to view the list and update the information?


You can set your criteria to List Membership, edit which columns you want to see, and save the filter. When you save the filter as such, it maintains the columns for that saved filter.



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Not exactly true. Mine reset if I am ever signed off. Why can't we just save custom column sets and apply them depending on list?


Hubspot has an idea board for this type of thing to be voted on: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/custom/page/page-id/ideaslandingpage


I would gladly vote this up for you because we have discussed that with our Hubspot rep as well for default columns.  For us in came up with different roles needing different data so we wanted different views and default columns based on list/role/etc.  The fact that you can't save this is frustrating to say the least.