Difference in report date filters?

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I'm trying to create a report showing company details for contacts created last week.

If I create a single object report, it's easy to create it for contact create date is last week. However, when I go to the cross-object report, and select contact create date as the date filter, I have no option to select last week - I can do a rolling 7 day period, but not the previous calendar week.

Anyone 1) have any idea why this is? 2) have any ideas on a workaround to achieve this?


Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 3.12.18 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-07-13 at 3.12.53 PM.png

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Hi @kaious 


I think it could work to use less than 7 days or you also could try to filter with a custom Date picker property.


I hope this helps



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Thanks Sharon, but less than 7 days ago would give the previous 7 day period, not the last calendar week (ie the report would be different if I looked at it on Monday and then again on Wednesday).


Custom date picker fields have the same filter options available as the create date field, so unfortunately that won't help either.


I am also having this issue! We need to know how many contacts were created by a certain lead source for the week! Very frustrating


100% agree that this is needed!