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Delayed E-Mail Send in Workflow - LinkedIn Lead Ads

We have a question/problem popping up in our marketing workflows. We generate contacts via paid campaigns using LinkedIn Lead Ads (e-book as lead magnet). The form is on LinkedIn and the contacts are automatically synced with Hubspot and end up in a workflow.


Lately, we regularly notice that users register via the LinkedIn form, but the Lead Magnet is delivered with a delay (a few hours to 3 days). However, there is no time delay in the workflow, which doesn't make sense, since users want to receive the requested PDF as soon as possible.


Is this a common Hubspot issue with syncing LinkedIn Lead Ads contacts? Or is there a possible other cause here?


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Delayed E-Mail Send in Workflow - LinkedIn Lead Ads

Hi @LPeherstorfer 


Can you share a screenshot of your Workflow enrolment criteria? Is it simply the LinkedIn Ads form submission or are there other criteria? That would be my first point to troubleshoot.


Have you picked out a few example contacts to see:


  • When they submitted the LinkedIn Leads Ad
  • When they appeared in Hubspot
  • When they got enrolled in the workflow

That should give you an idea of where the fault lies.


Hope that is a good starter for 10.



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