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Custom Object Workflow - How to Set Pipeline?

I want to create a workflow that puts a custom object record into a particular pipeline.  But, I'm unable to do that with a message "This value is automatically set by HubSpot and can't be edited.".


Is it possible to set the pipline in a workflow for a custom object?


This image shows the problem. I have a custom object named "Retain Notice".  I'm trying to set the pipeline in this workflow.  You can see that "pipeline" is grayed out and has the message bubble showing up.



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Community Manager

Custom Object Workflow - How to Set Pipeline?

Hi @khookguy,


Thanks for reaching out!


You can update the pipeline by selecting the pipeline stage or "Retain Pipeline Notice Stage" for your use case. When you select the "Retain Pipeline Notice Stage" you'll be able to select the stage and the pipeline itself!


Here are some screenshots from my custom object workflow: 


Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 3.30.16 PM.png 




I hope this helps!




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