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currently, HubSpot Marketing and CRM products are now only currently available in six languages (English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, German, French and Japanese). 


This means all reports and system prompts (such as those seen when importing) will currently need to be set in one of those six current language.


Since i would need to create forms, fields, anything in italian for my italian customers, how can i manage this?


I can custom Contact Properties and Form Fields written in Italian. Could this process provoque a misallignement in Hubspot when i need to report, monitor...etc?


The HubSpot defaults cannot be edited by default, but any new properties can be created with Italian names (internally facing) and labels (which would be seen by contacts on forms). Could i keep both languages?


I'm just worried about misalignment.


Is it crucial?


How do you solve this?


Thank you 


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Hi @JCin17


You are able to change the external facing labels for default contact properties within forms. While your HubSpot portal can only be set to certain languages, all of your extenernal facing content, including forms, landing pages, etc. can be in Italian. You can have one customer facing language (in this case Italian) and one internal language for all of your notes and contact records within HubSpot. 


As long as you are consistent with ensuring your form labels are in Italian, there should not be missalignment. For more information on form labels and how to change them, I wanted to share this article.




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