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Custom Coded workflow for associating conversations emails to tickets

Im trying to automatically set emails landing in the conversation inbox to associate with both the contact and the last associated ticket to that contact (or all tickets associated with that contact)

Tickets are not being created automatically via the inbox, but when they are created, any comms coming into the conversations inbox need to be visible against that along with the contact the ticket that is associated too.

The emails are showing against the contact so looking to potentially build a custom coded workflow that also associates to the associated tickets. 
Whats the best way to do this? 🙂 Thanks!
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Custom Coded workflow for associating conversations emails to tickets

Hello @HazelJohnson how are you?


Thank you for posting in our Community. What is the type of workflow you currently have set up? A contact or ticket-based workflow? What you can do is create two workflows, so once one criterion is added you can enroll in the new workflow.


Currently, to associate a company or contacts with the ticket, click the Company and Contact dropdown menus, then search for the company or contacts. Learn how to associate the relevant company or contact activities to the ticket timeline in this panel.


I want to invite some top experts to this conversation @Mike_Eastwood, and @GeorgeBThomas any recommendations to @HazelJohnson?


Thank you,


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