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We have a HubSpot and Mindbody integration.  Our leads usually come through HubSpot and their information gets sent to MindBody automatically through the integration. We want HubSpot to change the client's lifecycle stage from "lead" to "client" once they purchase something in MindBody but right now HubSpot has no way of knowing when a client made a purchase or had an appointment in MindBody. The current custom field mappings available from MindBody are extremely limited (even with Operations Hub Professional) so it seems we are unable to do this easily. So how can we communicate that information (purchases or booked appointments) to HubSpot? Is there a way to do this through custom code workflows? Would that be the way to do it?

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Custom Code Workflows

Hi @angiep ,


If it is not possible to send this information to HubSpot from Mindbody, you might want to retrieve the information from HubSpot instead. 

If Mindbody has a decent API, you could use a custom property to let HubSpot know that a purchase has been made or an appointment has been booked. If you have a property that you can update whenever a purchase has been made or an appointment has been booked (could be anything) you can use that as a trigger for the workflow. With a custom coded action, you can then make a call to MindBody and retrieve the information you need and store that in any object you want with the HubSpot API.

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Custom Code Workflows

Hi @angiep 


Thank you for reaching out.


I want to tag some of our experts on this - @Anton @Teun @Mike_Eastwood do you know what could be possible here? 


Thank you!



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