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I am currently looking at revamping our consumer-facing nurture workflows so that they are triggered by actions rather than their lead score. For example downloading an e-book, registering for a webinar, or viewing a certain webpage. I'm looking at doing it this way so that the nurture flows will be more relevant and based on their engagement with us rather than a generic flow.


This is the first time I have worked on doing a workflow like this. 


Does anyone have any examples of how they have done action-based workflows/any best practices they can share?





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Hi @NParsons,


The triggers that you mentioned – form submissions or pricing page views – are great starting points. For examples, you'll find tons by searching for "hubspot workflow examples". These vary greatly in quality but they might give you some ideas.


Following up on a form submission I'd consider best practice in general. Here you'll want to think about the perfect timing. When would your ideal customer like to receive the next piece of content and what would that be? Give them some time to read and appreciate what they just requested and then follow-up with content to move them further along the buyer's journey. Always put yourself into the shoes of your contacts and ask yourself "would I enjoy this if I were my potential customer?". If not, I'd recommend going back to the drawing board. The delays here could be one day or a few days, depending on the original content piece and form submission.


For page view triggers, keep in mind that these might come across as aggressive and intrusive. You want to use these sparingly and work with delays, although short ones of a few minutes. These might make sense for pricing page views, for example.


As a general tip, make sure that you're action-based workflows are not overlapping. By default, HubSpot will not take care of this. Here you can either work with suppression lists or a property that labels a contact as being nurtured while their in the workflow (set to "yes" at the beginning of a workflow, clear property value at the end, only let contacts with a clear property enter any nurturing workflow).


When you roll this out, you could also consider limited the scope of the workflows to a part of your database (by making the enrollment criteria stricter). This leaves some room for testing and improvement.


Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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