Creating a weekly list of new contacts for the sales team


Once a week I want Hubspot to automate creating a list of new leads created in the previous week and automatically email it to our sales team so they can review the leads. I have set up a new list that specifys that I want all the 'Leads/MQL's'. And I can use the create date to specify contacts from the last 7 days.  I want to then be able to automate emailing this to our sales team once a week so it triggers them to review new contacts regularly for those they may want to contact directly.    I don't this this is possible from the help enquiry I have made but would like to recommend it a a possible new feature.


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HubSpot Employee

Hi @CarrieFreeman  You are correct. That functionality is not built into the tool, but is a great suggestion. Can you head over to the ideas forum and add this as a post?



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