Create contact from gravity forms via Zapier without email

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Dear Hubspot Team,

I'm searching for a solution to create a Hubspot Contact coming from Gravity Forms via Zapier to Hubspot, without an email address.

I read this article and changed my settings, but i still get an error when submitting the form.

"Required field "Contact Email" (email) is missing. This step is missing a required value. Usually this is because that field was empty because a previous step didn’t provide the data it needed."


Looking forward for your help.

Thanks in advance!



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Don't think the article you cited (or allowing submissions without email addresses) applies to non-HubSpot forms!

- see Allow form submissions without email addresses to create contacts


Maybe instead, use the HubSpot Create A New Contact API which also supports contact creation without an email address.


Note: HubSpot is a constantly evolving platform. Please check the date of each post and view all solutions in that context.

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Hope that helps.


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