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Create a list of contact propery "first touch converting campaign"=campaign nameX

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I am having a problem with creating a list of all contacts that were created from a specific campaign. I thought I could simply use the existing HS property "First touch converting campain" equals "My campaign name", but it seems to be unable to create this exact list...and I have also tried using all the other options (contains/does not equal/ starts with etc).

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Hi @Safzal,


Are you looking to find contacts who converted through the assets associated with the campaign? 


You could create a list based on the assets associated with the campaign.


@ConnorSlivensky, do you have any thoughts on how to report on these contacts in one place? 


Thank you,

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Depending on how your campaign is set up you might be able to use form submissions on campaign specific pages (or campaign form submissions) to limit what submissions get pulled in. (e.g SQL Form filled out on Campaign Page 1).


More information on your campaign set up would help the community solve for your problem. Be sure to include your HubSpot service/tier so we know what tools you have access to. 

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Most of these contacts are through an integration with typeform. But it's a campaign I've used in utm-tags in SoMa and paid search.

So maybe a "page view" filter using the contains "utm-tag" to narrows down what pages it counts. That would work if you had a unique utm code for this campaign or even one per asset (although you'd have to list them all).


Let me know how it goes.

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Hi @Safzal 


If your landing page is tied up with the HubSpot campaign (feature), you can create a list of contacts with that campaign. But you've to use the internal value for the campaign name. 


If you're using utm_parameter like (utm_campaign), make sure that value is passed to HubSpot. If you're using HubSpot forms, you can easily capture utm_campaign by using the hidden field (utm_campaign) on the form. Probably, you've to create a new custom field in contact properties. And then you can create a list of contacts by using this utm_campaign. 



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