Create Workflow that Excludes Hubspot Meeting Link


Hi there,

I'm looking to create a workflow where the enrollment trigger is anyone who fills out any form on any page. BUT I would like to exclude Hubspot meeting links since they also count as forms. I do not want to exclude every single team member's exact meeting link here since these are always changing. 


As far as I can tell, there's no enrollment trigger for "Form does not contain the word 'Meeting'"


I have tried using "Last page seen does not contain"


I have also tried "Last meeting booked is more than 1 days ago" or "Last meeting booked is unknown". 


I don't know why the above are not working. The booked meetings still trigger the workflow. Can anyone help me? 


Thank you!


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Hi @Ruscoe 


Tricky requirement. Workflows like the one you created are hard to get working right. In your case, as soon as the contact visits any page after the meeting booking page and one day passes - they qualify. 


Recent conversion would probably make a better enrollment criteria but it doesn't support re-enrollement - which I'm assuming is required in your case?

It might be worth thinking if you can abstract out your desired process to the form itself or to use custom properties to control the workflow. For example you can create a flag property that is set to 'yes' by all qualifying forms, and then cleared or set to 'No' at the end of a workflow. 


If you share what the workflow is doing, there might be other ways.


Hope this helps. 

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