Contact lists without email address but need company (Account-Based Marketing)


We've got a list of 3,200+ companies we need to tag in our database as a certain group, we'll call it a Named Account List for all intents and purposes. I obviously don't want to upload a list of 3,200+ contacts without email address just for the purpose of creating a workflow to tag based off those company names, dirtying up our database.


Unfortunately, there's no way to copy paste all 3,200+ company names into a smart list to say something like "If Member of List [List = 3,200+ contains company names] then tag NAL"


Anyone solve for something like this before? Thanks!

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @zrogers, thanks for posting on the community. In order to be able to utilize list and workflow functions, you'll need to have contacts in your database that will be able to trigger the workflow or be assesed against list criteria. 


The reason we won't be able to create a "static list" of companies is because lists are designed to pull contacts only. 


However, using the sales side of your portal, you can create a company "view" using the filters provided and save that based on criteria that you establish. 


I'm curious though about what your end goal is and why you'd rather enroll companies in the workflow as opposed to contacts, what exactly are you trying to accomplish? Are you updating company record and properties, or are you hoping to trigger a different action?