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'Contact has filled out form on:' External Website Pages

Hi all,


I'm somewhat new to Hubspot and have a basic question.


When I have my form embedded on a non-Hubspot external site, and a submission occurs, will that page populate as an option within the picklist of pages for a form submission's workflow trigger? Or put more simply, will external (non-Hubspot) pages show up in this dropdown as pageviews are served?:





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Community Manager
Community Manager

'Contact has filled out form on:' External Website Pages

Hi @nsirrhspot 


Thank you for reaching out


Only HubSpot Pages will appear in this dropdown. The solution would be to create a form for each specific external page if you'd need to really know which page they've submitted the form on. You have more information in this resource:

Form submissions


Thank you!

Have a lovely day,

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