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I have a long list of deals that are sitting in the Sales Pipeline stage "Quotes".  I want to use a workflow to send an email to the contact associated with each deal asking if the quote is still being considered. The email will contain two buttons, one that represents "Yes" and the other "No".  The email recipient will click one of the two buttons and be redirected to a landing page unique to that response.  The URL of the page viewed was to be used to mark the deal Close Lost (if it wasn't still being considered) or take some other action on it (if it were).



The workflow that takes action on the page view is a Contact and not a Deal based workflow.  Some of the contacts have more than one outstanding Deal (quote).  I can't figure out a way to identify which Deal the response relates to.



It would be nice to dynamically include a token for the Deal as a UTM parameter in the buttons in the email. But I can't include it in a CTA nor am I aware of how to dynamically insert it in the URL of a button image in the email.  If I could, then I'd have a shot at parsing  the pageview event to get the Deal Id.


Any ideas?

Let me know if you know of a way to solve this challenge!  Thanks.

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Hi @Paul320,


Thanks for reaching out.

I want to tag in some thought leaders to see if they can assist with this.

Hi @BrianDL @louischausse @AdamLPW, would you be able to share your thoughts with @Paul320?




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